Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mrs. Moore's heart dissection

Mrs. Moore's 6th grade class at Grandville Central dissected a pig heart today as part of Science.  Here Mrs. Moore is explaining how to locate the different valves of the heart.

This is my son Ben - he is in Mrs. Moore's 6th grade class and loves it!
The students used a straw to go thru the valves - I'm glad none of the kids decided to use the straw in a more traditional way!
The webbed area at the top of this image is the right atrium.
Mrs. Moore commented on how wonderful this particular pig's valves were!
The stringy stuff that is being suspended by this student's finger is the aortic valve - it was REALLY strong!
I laughed when Mrs. Moore held up this blood clot.  She went onto explain to the kids that to avoid blood clots they must continue to get some physical activity - that means getting up and out - preferably outdoors - and what it doesn't mean is more time in front of the computer or video games! WAY TO GO MRS. MOORE!

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